Accommodations construction campaign

Accommodations construction campaign for the Work Center
Parks of Study and Reflection Retiro

campanha-alojamentoDear Friends,
Each passing day we feel more enthusiastic with the progress that Parks of Study and Reflection are making throughout the world! The communities of Silo’s Message are multiplying, the different organisms of the Humanist Movement not only did not stop their actions but also renewed themselves, the meetings and works of the School remain and develop themselves increasingly deeper.

From the Park of Study and Reflection Retiro we feel joy of those beacons that enlighten the path of Good Knowledge to men and women and open our future, despite the difficulties of the current times.

From the Park of Study and Reflection Retiro we continue to learn and irradiate every day with more strength the magnificent and generous Work that master Silo left to us. A Work that has so many angles and diverse facets.

facebook_1445108441866The transformation of our Park continues through interventions in both, topography and constructions. The completed elements consist, up to now, of the multi-purpose room and the Monolith, just to name the elements shared with the other Parks.

We are now in conditions to take another leap so we started the construction of the Accommodations for the Center of Work.

This fundamental space will allow us to stay comfortably in the Park during the night reinforcing the link with our sacred place, improvising greatly the conditions for retreats of personal or group work, events, seminars, workshops, gatherings for experience exchange, etc.

Right after we raised USD 7.000 among the Masters applied to Retiro’s Park and some close friends, we decided to start a widespread campaign extended to all the Siloist friends, in order to finish and inaugurate the Accommodations until December 20, 2015.

The campaign started September 7, running until December 10, and consists of 50 contributions of USD 250 each.

facebook_1445108410797To our joy, some friends of different Humanist Movement Organisms, other Parks, and Silo’s Message communities already announced their support and we will circulate that information in the mailing lists shortly.

The friends that want to support the construction with a contribution of USD 250, or € 250, can do it individually or grouping together with other friends, whose names will be immortalized in the future Stela (Donor wall). To ask for more information about the contributions or about the project overall, please contact any of the campaign contacts below. Although we are identifying ways to donate through the Internet, by the moment please contact the team to coordinate international donations.

Cristina Obredor
Phone No: +55 (21) 98264-2120                E-mail:

Ricardo Jullian
Phone No: +55 (21) 99857-4927                Email:

Ricardo Marcianesi
Phone No: +55 (21) 96928-2015                E-mail:

Rogério Weber
Phone No: +55 (21) 98166-4465                E-mail:


If happens that you are in Brazil, follow the bank account details

Instituto Pangeia
​CNPJ:  13.102.436/0001-33
​Caixa Econômica Federal
Conta Poupança. 9.856-8

(Please identify the deposit sending the details to the team by mail)


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